Cost-effective and energy efficient production of green hydrogen


HyET E-Trol’s core mission is to develop and commercialize new innovative electrolyzer technologies to decrease the cost of green hydrogen production multi-fold.

Value proposition

HyET E-Trol’s novel electrolyzer technologies reduces the CAPEX and OPEX of green hydrogen production, allowing for large-scale access to and implementation of the green hydrogen economy.

Key technologies

  • Integrated high differential pressure water electrolyzers that can directly output hydrogen at high pressures (up to 200 bar). This will decrease the capital investment costs of high pressure green hydrogen production by up to 35% and improve the system efficiency at least by 15%.
  • High temperature proton conducting solid oxide water electrolyzers that can operate at very high energy efficiencies in comparison to the traditional SOEC electrolyzers. The system also operates at lower temperatures (450-700 C), allowing for the use of cheaper materials for the stack and BoP construction.

Examples of markets served

  • Petrochemicals and fertilizers
  • Ammonia synthesis
  • Steel
  • Direct gas grid injection
  • Power storage
  • Renewable high temperature heating
  • Plastics

HyET E-Trol

HyET (High yield Energy Technologies) E-Trol is a fast growing energy technology start-up focusing on the development of low cost, high efficiency water electrolyzer systems for green hydrogen production. The two key technologies under development are high differential pressure AEM electrolyzers and high temperature proton conducting solid oxide electrolyzers. Both these technologies reduce the CAPEX and OPEX of green hydrogen production.

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